Our Journey with Autism


As I mentioned on my first blog page, we are the parents of two (extra) children. I say extra because when my husband and I married, we each had children from other relationships. He had two young adults ( girl and boy) and I had a pre-teen son. So it was, to say the least, a BIG surprise when we started a second batch of pups.

My daughter, the second pup, was born very premature (26 weeks). After five months in the hospital with her, we finally came home and a service was offered to us for observing her development. After a few months, the caseworker began looking at my son, the older toddler.  This was not welcomed news. I resisted but she insisted that my boy had Autism. We went through the usual assessments and it was verified that Jesse had Autism and shortly after, my daughter Carmen was diagnosed as well.

The years that followed consisted of immersion lessons in Autism but especially in how Autism presented in my children. They started preschool at two and three years old. This is what they called Early Intervention. The local school had never had any experience with Autism, so the district paid money to send teachers to trainings on the subject, and I went along.

Having had a taste of real education on my children, I immediately signed up for online courses and eventually earned a degree in Early Education and a Masters in Education, specializing in Special Education.

This is the beginning of my Journey in Autism. I became an advocate (professionally) and I started my website to help other newly diagnosed parents.

I will continue this quest for as long as I live and continue to learn as science and society catch up with these amazing children.

Please come join me in this quest. Add your story, offer some insights, make some friends.